Hi Kogan!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site. I wish it was finished 😳

The site is made with Tiddlywiki, which is an open-source javascript wiki engine that I've been using for quite a long time.

It's built as a static site by Travis CI from a Github repo and deployed to Netlify. Static sites ftw.

On my end I use Tiddlywiki as a combined editor and CMS and deploy with git. It's a really nice workflow.

The plan is to use the site to host my bio and portfolio.

I originally made it to write some tutorials for the Tiddlywiki community, to which I have been a long-time contributor. You can search my name at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/TiddlyWiki if you would like to see my post history there.

Also, a lot of my learning last year was via Freecodecamp and I have been a regular contributor to their forums: https://forum.freecodecamp.org/u/r1chard5mith/summary

As well as my Node projects, which I mentioned in my email to you, I am also currently doing Advent of Code https://adventofcode.com/2017

(I've got all 26 stars so far and my highest rank was 168)

I'd really like to work at Kogan. It seems like somewhere I'd get to work with smart people using modern tools, managed by people who understand code. You have a very good reputation in the dev community, the fundamentals of your company seem great and it's an exciting time to be in the space that you're in.

I relish the challenge of working on things that have tangible, real-world results.

No PHP is also a bonus 😛