Make Your Own Website

The basic way that we make websites is to type code into files using a text editor.

When the files are opened in a web browser instead of a text editor, the code is turned into a web page.

We upload files to a web server for other people to access from their computers.

To make your own website you will need a computer with an internet connection, a web browser, an email address and a text editor.

The first section goes through the tools that you'll need and then I'll show you how to make your first page.

After that I'll show you how to put your page online in the simplest way.

After that, I'll cover the rest of what you need to know about HTML and CSS in order to make a professional web site and I'll also show you the other ways that you can put your site online and a number of other tools that you will find useful. You can choose which order you'd like to do these parts of the course in