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The first two "full stack" apps in the freecodecamp roadmap match these criteria and you could use this tutorial as the basis for both of those projects.

Node is a server-side javascript environment, Express is a Node web framework. Heroku is an online platform for easily hosting apps. Passport.js is 'middleware' for Express that handles authentication.

Mongo is a NoSQL database, designed to be accessed over the web - you can run your own, or you can get rent one online from companies such as mLab, who also provide free instances for learning.

When we put these things together, along with a few other useful tools, we get a live web-app with authentication and a database that we can write to and read from. This gives us everything we need to build simple apps for multiple users with basic access controls.

  • Part 1: Creating a Project, Version Control and Deployment Workflow
  • Part 2: A Basic App with Secrets
  • Part 3: MongoDB and mLab
  • Part 5: Iteration and Deployment